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Registration gives you several options ...

...with numerous links available under the "Member Area" tab. The following is a guide to these options. After registering and logging in you will be able to ....

Upload Your Photo:
This link will provide you with a form to fill out; directions appear on the page and further info appears when you mouse over the blue icons. This is the form to upload a photo to have it made into a jigsaw puzzle. Once you register you automatically have a free account with a quota of 10 image uploads. In the near future you will be able to increase the number of photos you are able to upload.

Your Profile:
This link will provide several options. You will be able to edit your profile information, view your friends' profile information, send your friends an email or remove friend connections.

Members List:
This page will display a list of current members in order to request a connection. Once you click on a member's link you will be able to view your own profile information, view the member's profile information you are requesting a connection with, send a message to the member in question, manage your own connections, request a connection with the member, or report the user to the PuzzleAttic site moderator.
If you send an email to the user you want to request a connection with you will be provided a form. This keeps user information confidential and prevents web robots from harvesting email addresses. The party you are requesting a connection with will have to accept your request before the request is finalized.

Your Private Puzzles:
This link has four sub-links. You will be able to view and play your horizontal and vertical jigsaw puzzles and view and play your friends' horizontal and vertical jigsaw puzzles.
If you or your friends haven't uploaded any photos your puzzle pages will be blank.

Edit Photos:
This link will allow editing the information that you originally submitted in conjunction with any uploaded photo. As an example you will be able to change the title of the photo.

Please email us with any concerns or suggestions.

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