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Browser Fail Firefox is the browser most supported and most accurately up-to-date. The PuzzleAttic team has designed the jigsaw site with Firefox as our default browser, for maximum functionality and user satisfaction. As example, the reference photo on the puzzle playing page enlarges when users mouse over it in Firefox. It remains small and difficult to see in all other browsers. So, enjoy the maximum pleasure from PuzzleAttic and get Firefox, a free download and supported worldwide by volunteers. The PuzzleAttic large puzzles are best viewed and played using a 23-inch monitor or larger, set to full-screen mode so that the browser window fills the screen. This will also maximize your playing area for staging and arranging puzzle pieces outside of the rectangle assembly frame.

In The Spotlight

Chris Mattison
Hawk Lake

Chris Mattison
Auburn Sprays

John Zinda
Old Tracks

Chris Mattison
Grassland Monarch